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the ABC of Russian Business Law

More than 600 charts  — over 100 pages updated every two months

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"The ABC of Russian Business Law" is a summary of the current Russian legislation in a form of tables and charts. User friendly, with a comprehensive and frequently updated database. Compact and easy to read charts save you the hours necessary to study the document text in full, provided everything needed to understand complex procedures in one glance.

The reference guide is issued in a loose-leaf binder, renewed and amended every two weeks. Our subscriber's guides are always kept up to date — upon receipt of the update simply swap the old the new ones. When subscribing to the reference guide, you can receive consultation on issues covered in our publication.

Simple navigation: coloured dividers, headings, logical grouping of information and hypertext pointers within the charts allow you to find your way around a long document with ease and quickly pick out the information you require.

1. Contents

  • Legal framework
    • Types of business entities
    • Accounting
    • Licensing of business
    • Product Certification
    • Anti-monopoly control
    • Bankruptcy procedures
  • Taxation
    • Part One of the Tax Code
    • VAT
    • Profit tax
    • Unified Social Tax
    • Personal Income Tax
    • Special Tax Regimes
  • Foreign Trade and Currency Control
    • Customs regulation
    • Currency regulation and currency control
  • Labour and Social Policy
    • Labour Code

2. Comments about the ABC

3. Subscription

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4. Examples of tables and charts

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