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Lagislation in tables and charts
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The ABC of Russian Business Law
"Commersant" newspaper:
"The ABC of Russian Business Law is intended for executives and specialists without special economic or legal education. The ABC may be successfully used both by institutions and business schools"
"Economica i zhizn" ("Economics and Life"):
"About difficult with ease! "The ABC of Russian Business Law" is extremely popular among readers of our rubric "Business Summary", since its materials explain all the cobwebs of business law very comprehensively, that is, dactilic…"
"Delovye lyudi" ("Business People"):
"This edition is not the text of regulatory acts in business law, but the summary of the most important laws and appendices regulating entrepreneurial activity. To cut a long story short, it is a cab. Simple but effective updating allows to keep the ABC actual."
"Zakon" ("The Law"):
"The ABC of Russian Business Law" is an edition having no analogues on the domestic information market. It distinguishes from other sources by the form of the information given. The maximum itemized tables and charts that allow to obtain the necessary information quickly are being elaborated through touch analysis of legal acts issued by Russian governing bodies and authorities, ministries and institutions. Tables and charts do not contradict to texts of legal acts. The edition is well-structured."
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